"I believe mum wouldn't have made it without the help of MePACS." - Barry


24 Jun 19

“I believe mum wouldn’t have made it without the help of MePACS.” – Barry

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MePACS personal alarms was the reassurance they needed to keep Betty living independently in her own home.

Betty’s daughter Gail and her husband Barry decided in 2013 that Betty needed extra care as she had a few health concerns, but Betty was adamant she didn’t want to go into aged care.

Betty had been diagnosed with both lung and kidney cancer, and her family needed peace of mind that she was safe and secure in her own home. This was when Gail and Barry decided the MePACS personal alarm was the reassurance they needed to keep Betty living independently in her own home.

Betty has had to use the MePACS alarm many times due to multiple falls, but the most severe of incidences occurred on the morning of October 18 2018. Betty had pressed her MePACS alarm crying out in pain, saying she had fallen out of bed and could hardly move – she believed she had broken her hip.

The MePACS operator quickly phoned the ambulance and her daughter Gail and both parties had arrived within 10 minutes to Betty’s aid. When the ambulance arrived, they found Betty behind the front door, as she had somehow found the strength to crawl her way from her bedroom to the front door, as she was concerned that the ambulance wouldn’t be able to get to her as the door was locked. Once taken into hospital, Betty and her family were advised that she has in fact broken her pelvis.

Betty stayed in hospital for three weeks until she was able to go home.

“Betty may not have made it, should she not have had the MePACS alarm around her neck. Who knows how long until someone may have found her lying on the floor,” said Barry.

“I have and will continue to recommend MePACS to people, as I believe it saved Betty’s life.”

The MePACS personal emergency response system is designed for senior Australians, those with chronic health conditions or recovering from surgery to keep them safe and independent in their own homes. We guarantee a trained professional will respond to your signal for help within 2 minutes. 

Our personal alarms are available as home and mobile alarms – giving you peace of mind when you are at home or out and about.  

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