06 Jul 21

A Guide to Personal Emergency Response Systems for Seniors

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Personal alarms can be known by many names –  medical alarm systems, panic alarms, emergency call buttons or panic buttons – but another that comes up quite often is a personal emergency response system.

Personal emergency response systems for seniors allow a quick and efficient signal for help in a medical emergency, whether that may happen because of a fall, existing medical condition, unexpected injury or while in recovery.

When you decide that you or a loved one need a personal alarm, there are a few things to consider about these safety devices – so we’ve answered some general questions to help with choosing the right personal emergency response system for your health and lifestyle.

What are personal emergency response systems for seniors?

mepacs home and mobile unitPersonal emergency response systems are usually a pendant that can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, with one raised button to press if you need to signal for help.

In fact, wearable technology is becoming even more popular with Australian seniors who have an active lifestyle but want extra safety and security.

MePACS provides 45,000 clients across Australia with a personal emergency response system connected to a 24/7 emergency response service of trained professionals. Help is only 2 minutes away once you have pressed the button, and our friendly team are ready to get you the appropriate help at any time of the day or night.

We know that family may not always be available to help, so you can rely on MePACS to give you true peace of mind and help you feel safer in your own home and away.

A mobile personal emergency response system, such as the MePACS Mobile Alarm, also provide seniors with the confidence and independence they need to get out and about safely. With new automatic fall detection and GPS technology, this safety device works anywhere with sufficient mobile coverage in Australia so you can take it with you to visit friends, to the shops and even on holiday.

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How does a personal emergency response system for seniors work?

Benefits of MePACS personal emergency response systems include:

  • Guaranteed 24/7 Fast Response by trained professionals
  • Automatic Falls Detection
  • Quick and simple one-button press
  • Monitoring by trained professionals based in Australia
  • Daily welfare checks to ensure our clients’ safety
  • Works independently of the NBN and phone landline network

The effectiveness of personal emergency response systems is also something you want to consider when deciding on a personal alarm. With monthly pendant testing, we make sure our medical alert systems are in working order so our clients always feel safer at home and can focus on doing what they love.

Australian personal emergency response systems for seniors

Types of personal emergency response systems vary in Australia, but for safety reasons it is recommended to opt for a fully monitored personal alarm rather than autodialler alarm, which automatically dials a sequence of numbers until someone answers.

With an autodialler, sometimes family and friends are busy at work, school, running errands or simply unable to get to their phone in a timely manner. This makes it hard to rely on them in a medical emergency the exact time you may need the help and significantly increases the time it takes for essential help to arrive.

Australian personal emergency response systems for seniors should guarantee a timely and personalised response every time, so your safety is prioritised. If you are interested in the differences between a non-monitored and fully monitored personal alarm service, read more here.

What is the best personal emergency response system for seniors?

Best personal response systems for elderly should fit in with your chosen lifestyle, whether that is active and independent or quiet and peaceful. They should also cater to your medical conditions and assist with mobility or dexterity issues that may arise as a result of changes in your overall health and well-being.

At MePACS, we offer a fully monitored personal emergency response system so you are safe 2/7 home and away.  We have many clients from patients, carers, healthcare professionals and lone workers. Our aim is to help people live their life with greater peace of mind and confidence that should they need help we are there for them at any time, 24/7.

For the hundreds of calls we receive a day, MePACS’ average response time is less than 2 minutes – and 94 per cent of calls are actually responded to within 1 minute.

Read real client reviews on MePACS personal emergency response systems below:

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