27 May 21

“MePACS is a lifesaving service for me.” – Cheryl

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Medical emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere and especially when you least expect them. More often than not, it’s an emergency at home that can take a turn for the worse if you don’t have the appropriate safety measures in place.

Photo credit: Laurie Sullivan, Myrtleford Times

Fortunately, that was not the case for our client Cheryl, because she had the MePACS 24/7 emergency response service and her 3-year-old grandson to thank for their quick actions when she had a nasty fall in the kitchen.

In fact, it was her 3-year-old grandson who pressed the MePACS personal alarm on her behalf and told the response operator “grandma needs an ambulance right now”.

“My grandson and I were cleaning out the cabinets when I went to stand up from a chair and slipped on the tiles. I was in so much pain, and he just ran straight to me and pressed the MePACS alarm around my neck,” said Cheryl.

“Then he went into the lounge room to the speaker unit and told the MePACS response team what happened. Before I knew it, my son was there to help and the ambulance arrived so quickly. MePACS was also checking in to let me know they were both on their way and that was really a great reassurance.”

Cheryl unfortunately fractured her leg and spent the next six weeks on bed rest, before three months of rehabilitation between two local hospitals in regional Victoria. Not only was she having treatment for this injury, but other medical conditions that arose during this time.

“I don’t even want to think about what could have happened if I was home alone, or didn’t have a MePACS alarm – it would have been very difficult to call for help with the pain that I was in.”

MePACS Home and Mobile bundles are a popular choice for many of our clients, so they can feel safe and secure at home and away. Along with GPS location technology, our Mobile Alarm now has automatic fall detection to ensure a signal for help is sent to MePACS in the event of a dramatic fall.

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The human touch truly makes all the difference in emergency response – join the MePACS service today and know your personal safety is prioritised.

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Cheryl knew a MePACS home alarm was the right choice for her active and independent lifestyle. As the home alarm pendant is lightweight and convenient, it simply feels and looks like a long necklace.

“I wear the MePACS alarm pendant all the time. I remember that my mother fell when she was living on her own, and she had to crawl from the bathroom to her bedroom to call for help. There is no way I could do that, so knowing that I’ve got this alarm around just gives me great peace of mind.”

“MePACS is a lifesaving service for me, and it is vital for seniors like myself who live alone and need an easier way to call for help.”

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MePACS personal alarms help seniors, people with a disability, people with chronic health conditions and those with compromised immune systems to signal for essential help in the event of a medical emergency.

Photo credit: Laurie Sullivan, Myrtleford Times

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