08 Jan 24

Empowerment in High-Risk Work Environments

Sheridan Howe | Lone Worker Safety

In this blog post, we’ll explore why MePACS is a game-changer for people working in dangerous and high-risk setting and look into the added advantage of GPS location tracking.

The Not-So-Silent Alarm: Traditional personal alarms often rely on silent alerts, notifying a monitoring centre or designated contacts without any direct communication. However, for workers in high-risk jobs, often working alone, the ability to communicate in real-time has many benefits. MePACS ensures that when you or your employee presses the alarm button, they’re not left in silence but instantly connected to a support network with a direct line of communication.

The Power of Communication for Lone Workers

Immediate Assistance in High-Risk Environments: In high-risk jobs, time is of the essence. MePACS allows  workers to communicate their situation in real-time, providing crucial details that can expedite the arrival of assistance. The direct communication feature ensures that help is dispatched promptly and with a clear understanding of the urgency.

Customised Support Based on Real-Time Information: Lone workers often face diverse challenges, from medical emergencies to security threats. MePACS enables them to communicate their specific needs, allowing the monitoring centre to provide customised support based on the real-time information received. This tailored assistance ensures the most effective and targeted response.

Enhanced Safety During Remote Assignments: For lone workers engaged in remote assignments or unfamiliar locations, MePACS with GPS location tracking adds an additional layer of security. The precise location data ensures that help reaches them even in isolated or hard-to-reach areas, as long as there is mobile reception.

The Integration of GPS Location Tracking

Pinpoint Accuracy for Rapid Response: MePACS combines real-time communication with GPS location tracking, allowing the monitoring centre to pinpoint the exact location of a lone worker in distress. This precision ensures that emergency services or support personnel are directed to the right place without delay.

Safety beyond Workplace Boundaries: We know that you and your employees are not confined to a single location. That’s why GPS tracking extends the safety net beyond the workplace, providing protection for lone workers engaged in fieldwork, outdoor assignments, or travel to different locations.

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The MePACS Duress Personal Alarm

The Duress Alarm is beneficial for lone workers, people working in the community, are isolated, or work at night, and includes 24/7 emergency response by trained professionals. Our response centre is based in Melbourne, but we are open around-the-clock, and provide support to businesses all across Australia.

In the event of an incident, violence, assault, fire, or even a medical emergency for you or a client, you just need to press the button to alert the MePACS response centre. A trained operator will respond within 2 minutes and talk to you through the alarm. We then take the necessary actions, either calling your manager, security team or emergency services. We also stay in contact with you until help arrives.

Our Duress Alarms include the following features:

  • Quick and simple to use – One button activation
  • 4G technology
  • GPS location
  • 2-way voice communications via the alarm
  • Fall detection
  • Rain and splash proof
  • Small and lightweight – only 28g
  • Lanyard and belt clip attachment

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