20 Jun 22

“I feel confident with my MePACS Home Alarm.” – Esther

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With a lifelong passion for literature, our client Esther relishes the simple joy of curling up in her favourite armchair with a captivating book. Her extensive collection ranges from autobiographies to timeless classics, reflecting her diverse literary taste.

Having dedicated over 60 years to a career in accounting, Esther now enjoys the independence of living in her own home in Victoria. As a senior living on her own, Esther values the commitment of MePACS to senior health and safety, and especially appreciates the peace of mind it brings to her daily life.


Joining MePACS for safety and security at home

It all began when Esther was recovering after a back operation and the counsellor was not happy for her to return home since she I lived alone. Because Esther values her independence so much, the counsellor recommended a MePACS personal alarm because it is monitored around the clock and would provide both Esther and her family peace of mind knowing she can call for help any time of the day or night.

“The problem was solved to everyone’s satisfaction” says Esther, who is now very thankful that she can continue to go about her day with little worry.

“I know the degree of safety I experience by the knowledge that help is available at one press of the pendant. To hear someone asking if I need help within minutes is very reassuring, and I feel confident with my MePACS personal alarm even when my son is away,” says Esther.

With her MePACS alarm always by her side, Esther feel more secure at home. “It’s so wonderful that they are quick to respond and at all hours of the night or day too. I know we elderly who live alone feel most vulnerable in the middle of the night, and that has been confirmed by both men and women in conversation,” She says.


Personalised care and response

Like many of our clients, Esther also appreciates the MePACS emergency response service because of our caring operators and commitment to duty of care. Our Australian-based response centre is operated by real people who are empathetic, calm and genuinely care about the wellbeing of our clients.

“The calls and any contact are always considerate and polite. Even the monthly pendant test is always answered promptly and pleasantly,” said Esther.

“In fact, I have to confess that on the odd occasion when I’ve had early medical appointments and neglected to press my daily call button, my son has been contacted and he often says how rewarding it is for him to know that the system is exemplary for both of us,” She says.

“I certainly recommend a MePACS personal alarm to other seniors who live alone like myself, because it is lovely to feel as if someone is looking out for me 24/7. MePACS have also given me such helpful advice. I was concerned after experiencing a fall as to how paramedics would gain entry to my house, and I was recommended to have a key lock installed outside,” said Esther.

With a key lock installed, MePACS can provide the secret code to emergency services in an emergency, so Esther no longer worries about paramedics having to break down her front door to gain access.


Happy Hobbies

Esther now spends her leisure time giving back to her family, friends and local community through her generosity, creative talents and a green thumb.

“I love gardening and endeavour to spend one or two hours daily, weather and health permitting. I grow strawberries on the nature strip too, and the young residents in my neighbourhood enjoy waiting for them to ripe,” Esther says proudly.

“I am an avid reader. I knit teddy bears and beanies for the children and infants in care, and I write letters to friends who are reluctant to use the internet or a mobile phone,” she says. 

It’s safe to say that Esther is never bored and enjoys a rich and fulfilling retirement.

To find out how a MePACS personal alarm can help support to you or someone close, please call us on 1800 685 329.