17 Dec 19

Faces of MePACS: Response Team Leader – Heather

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Heather is an Emergency Response Team Leader at MePACS Alarms. Our lovely Heather sat down with us and gave us an insight into her role and what she likes to do outside of work.


What is your role at MePACS? And how long have you been here?

I am a Response Team Leader and I have been working at MePACS for over 5 years now.



 What is your background?

Prior to working at MePACS I was an Emergency services dispatcher at the Fire Brigade in Melbourne where I was for 18 years.



 Why did you choose to work at MePACS?

I liked that I could work closer to home and I really liked the type of work that MePACS did, helping people and saving lives.




What does a typical day in your role involve?

Keeping staff up to date, assisting the team with different events that may arise and answering any of their general questions, also responding to many of the emergency events that occur.



What do you love about working at MePACS?

I love being part of a team helping to keep the elderly and vulnerable safe at home. Our clients are so grateful for our help and I know that we so save lives every day.



What has been a highlight or memorable moment whilst working at MePACS?

Talking to a client one day on the phone and although she said she was fine, my gut instinct was something was wrong. I called her daughter who attended and she had a stroke.




What do you do outside of work / for fun?

I love cooking, gardening (I grow my own vegies) and I enjoy camping.




Tell us a quirky fact about you or something fascinating that you have done in the past…


When I was in the Fire Brigade I was rostered on the communication bus and was on the scene at Goode Island when the silo exploded expectantly (1991). The bus shook and was hit by falling debris, I had to lie on the floor covering my head. It all happened in slow motion when I look back.


To find out more about the MePACS emergency response service, call our friendly sales team on 1800 685 329 or visit Home And Mobile Alarms