01 Dec 21

20 years and counting – Susan’s amazing dedication to MePACS

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It’s not often that dedication to the health, safety and well-being of MePACS clients spans over 20 years, but that’s certainly the case for Susan, a monitor and relief team leader in our 24/7 emergency response team.

Since she first started at MePACS over two decades ago, Susan has seen a lot of changes over the years – and says all of them have been nothing but positive.

“I’ve made lifelong friends in a very supportive work environment, with everyone working together to provide a personal and lifesaving service to our clients.”

“Not only has MePACS changed locations, but our alarm models have also increased from the original Home Alarm – the pendant and base unit – to our Mobile Alarms and the new MePACS Solo watch. I’ve enjoyed seeing those updates improve the lives of our clients because they feel more confident to go out in their community, on holiday or to visit family by themselves.”

“And now we’re a national personal alarm provider too, with clients all across Australia. When I first started, our clients were mostly seniors from Melbourne, but a personal alarm is really for anyone who just wants to feel safer.”

Looking back at 20 years of dedication to safety and well-being

Susan started in our 24/7 emergency response team, then transferred to Help Desk to assist clients with their questions and guide self-installations. After a few years spent ensuring our alarms were in working order down in the Workshop, she returned to the monitoring team where she has stayed ever since.

“In the response team, we make sure that our clients feel safe and know they can rely on our team to get them the right help they need 24/7. We respond quickly to medical emergencies and follow up to ensure help has arrived, because it’s really important to provide comfort and reassurance especially while someone is in pain, unwell or they’ve had a fall.”

“If our clients signal for help accidentally, we simply let them know we care about their well-being and it’s never a bother to us. It’s just an extra reason to check in and see if they are okay.”

A familiar face around the MePACS office, Susan says one of her many highlights over the years has been hearing all the life stories from our clients.

“Our senior clients have so many life experiences to share with us – just recently, a gentleman told me he had been married 65 years when he did his monthly pendant test. To me, that’s just incredible. And I’ve talked to many clients who are over 100 years old! You are just so amazed to hear about their lives, it gives you a new lease on your own.”

“In the short amount of time that we have to check in with them, we hear about their families, their birthdays and anniversaries, and the world events they have lived through. It’s remarkable to hear their stories, and it really brightens my day – as far as I’m concerned, they’re all part of our MePACS family.”

A reliable and response personal alarm service

Whether it is the middle of the night or early morning, our response team are always available to provide the ultimate peace of mind and a fast emergency response at the press of a button.

“I think the fact that we either call our clients’ close contacts to help, or we prioritise the situation with emergency services, means that we are supporting their health and safety with the most appropriate action.”

“MePACS has clients who are seniors or people with a disability, have chronic health conditions or are recovering from a hospital stay, so it’s essential to provide personalised support especially if they are feeling unsafe or vulnerable.”

Susan’s commitment to MePACS is admirable. Generous and compassionate, she is a valued member of our response team and we are proud to celebrate her 20 years of long service.

“I really enjoy working in public health because we give back to the community, and to people who need our help the most. Our clients want to feel safe, independent and go about their day with the peace of mind that if they need assistance from MePACS, all they have to do is press their personal alarm.”

For more information on our range of MePACS personal alarms, call 1800 685 329 or visit our official product overview page.