06 Dec 21

“When it comes to ensuring safety, I know I can trust MePACS.” – Brooke Sanderson, NDIS Consultant

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Navigating through the National Disability Insurance Scheme may be a daunting experience if you don’t have the insight and guidance of a professional and caring support consultant.

Brooke Sanderson is an independent NDIS consultant, recovery coach and Managing Director at J Care Support Services. She recently assisted a client to purchase the new MePACS Solo, a revolutionary personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy watch.

“I organised a MePACS solo alarm watch for one of my clients who has a falls risk as she is vision impaired. The watch has given her so much confidence to get back in the community.”

For NDIS participants who may have vision or mobility concerns, the MePACS Solo can also locate you via GPS when you’re outside the home and need emergency assistance.

Brooke’s clients are generally after a personal alarm that allows them to keep their independence, is stylish, discreet, and connected to a 24/7 response service by trained professionals .

“The MePACS 24/7 alarm service gives a family peace of mind that their loved one is safe when they are unable to be there. Having a MePACS alarm gives my clients back their independence…why should they be restricted when they don’t have to be?”

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Before getting the Solo watch, a family member would usually stay nearby when out with friends, just in case something happened. Now MePACS can be there for them at the tap of the watch, ensuring continuing independence and safety when out and about.

With the new personal alarm watch, family members, friends and neighbours can be listed as emergency contacts with MePACS, and the watch has automatic falls detection and GPS which gives clients and their loved ones the reassurance and peace of mind they deserve.

Brooke goes above and beyond for her clients. When it comes to ensuring safety and security, she knows she can trust MePACS.

“I’ve found a personal alarm gives a family peace of mind that their loved one is safe when they are unable to be there – MePACS is a no brainer for me!”

“A MePACS alarm is definitely necessary for anybody who wants to live an independent life!”

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Specialising in all things NDIS, Brooke works with individuals, their families, and friends to help them navigate the NDIS with up-to-date information and quality referrals – such as for an approved NDIS provider like MePACS.

“My clients who have the MePACS service feel a great sense of reassurance, just knowing that the 24/7 support is there whenever they need it. MePACS also allows my clients to have some independence, so they don’t have to stay with their family all day or have support workers working around the clock – they can get out of the house and still have the comfort of the MePACS service with them should they need help.”

Brooke makes the process of connecting with support services much easier for her clients. Like MePACS, her consulting brings the human touch to specialised care and support.

“It’s about collating helpful information and presenting it to them in a clear way, so my clients understand what the service or product is and how it is going to help them.”

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