26 Aug 20

Introducing the MePACS Solo for Duress Situations

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Are you doing all you can to keep your teams safe at work? What happens if one of your staff or clients tests positive to COVID-19?

MePACS is proud to have collaborated with Vault, Samsung and Telstra to develop a revolutionary duress wearable alarm called the MePACS Solo – a personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy watch.

MePACS Solo on the Samsung Galaxy watch is the latest technology connected to the MePACS 24/7 Response Duress Service.

With contact tracing and comprehensive duress protection, MePACS Solo can help keep your team safe and business operating.

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Introducing the MePACS Solo watch for Duress

Using Geo Fencing & GPS technology, the smart device can contact trace staff by identifying who may have been exposed to COVID-19 today or retrospectively, as well as where the individual has been and how frequently. This data is also accessible through an online platform that can provide reports and insights to improve worker safety.

The MePACS Solo is a discreet device for any workplace, but is perhaps most ideal for those with lone workers out in the community and those in aged/home care, healthcare, council work and real estate.

MePACS Solo supports staff safety and business continuity. We can watch out for your team while they get on with their job confidently, and in a duress situation, provide essential assistance to reduce the time it takes for security or emergency services to arrive.

There are 3 ways to signal for help:

  • Tap the ‘alert icon’ on the watch face once
  • Tap the ‘home/power key’ twice, the lower button on the right hand side of the watch
  • Automatic falls detection technology

Plus a check-in functionality that allows the user to set predefined meeting times and if they don’t check back in at that time, an alert will be raised to MePACS to check on their welfare.

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Why choose MePACS?

MePACS is known for our quick thinking and professionalism in a duress situation.

This device is exclusive to MePACS and has all the best features of our current duress alarm with the modern and discreet design of a duress watch.

Additional features:

  • Built-in GPS technology to determine location of duress signal quickly
  • Visitation check-in via the MePACS Solo watch
  • Heart rate monitor and steps tracker to promote worker health and fitness
  • Fall detection with alerts sent to MePACS automatically
  • Robust and water-resistant 
  • Individual or group messaging available through watch, App and online platform

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If you would like more information or to enquire about the MePACS Solo today, please call 1800 685 329 or visit our Duress Solo page here.