12 Oct 21

South Australian senior now feels safer with the MePACS personal alarm watch, thanks to Personal Alert SA

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

For over 30 years, MePACS has been helping senior Australians feel safer and more independent with a range of personal alarms connected to our 24/7 emergency response service.

In his early 80s, our new client Leo was recently approved for a MePACS Solo Watch through the Personal AlertSA scheme, funded by the South Australian Government.

“I’ve had a couple of falls before, and my family said I should start doing something about my safety. They were worried about me going out by myself all the time, especially when I could be prone to a medical emergency.”

“But we didn’t know about personal alarms then, and we’re certainly glad we do now.”

Leo was hospitalised with a virus when he found out about MePACS, and knew almost instantly that a MePACS Solo watch for home and away would be best suited to his lifestyle.

“It’s been really helpful to have funding from the South Australian Government. I chose MePACS through the Personal Alert SA scheme because I wanted a smart watch with automatic fall detection and GPS technology – something that I could wear on my wrist while I’m out but you wouldn’t normally think it was a personal alarm.”

“I’m quite active and I like to keep exercising, so now I can do the things I love without worrying about my safety or how to call for help in a medical emergency anymore.”

With a personal alarm on the stylish and discreet Samsung Galaxy Watch, eligible seniors like Leo can be reassured that a funded, fully monitored personal alarm service like MePACS is always available to provide a personalised and professional emergency response.

“I think MePACS is fantastic. It gives me peace of mind that the response team are guaranteed to answer no matter what time it is.”

“With the Solo watch, all I have to do is tap the emergency button on the screen or double tap the button on the lower right-hand side. Someone from the response team at MePACS is going to answer quickly, call the help I need and stay on the line to reassure me until my family or an ambulance arrives.”

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Now with his black MePACS Solo Watch on – with essential features including water-resistance and two-way communication – he can go about his day confidently and not worry about what to do if he has a fall or medical emergency.

“I go out and exercise about three times a week, watch the grandkids at their sport matches and love to watch a good game of football. I like my independence and now my daughters don’t have to worry either – they think it’s the best decision I’ve made for my health and safety lately.”

“The assessment and application process went smoothly – everyone at MePACS was happy to help and before I knew it, the Solo watch arrived in the post. I didn’t have to set anything up myself, just learn how to use it.”

The MePACS Solo Watch is a personal alarm first and foremost. But with health metrics such as a steps counter and heart rate tracker, our clients can also benefit from keeping on top of their health and fitness.

“I definitely feel safer wearing the Solo watch every day, and I like how it gives me little active reminders to get up and move as well. I just charge it overnight on the bedside table so it’s ready to go in the morning.”

Leo is always out and about around the community – with the MePACS Solo, he can now do what he loves and know that MePACS is watching out for his personal safety.

MePACS is proud to support many clients like Leo through the Personal AlertSA scheme. For more information about the Personal AlertSA funding and eligibility, visit the official page on the South Australian Government website.