22 Jul 21

“We love the MePACS Touch, it’s brought everyone closer together.” – Lilian and Jason

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When you’re in a different state to close family members, it can be harder to keep in contact all the time.

But that hasn’t been the case for our client Lilian, who has recently used the new MePACS Touch tablet to call her son Jason face-to-face.

“It’s fantastic, I love using it every day. I call my son and my friends all the time, and I have been able to call my grandchildren and see all their lovely faces.”

“I look at it every morning so I can check the date and time, which is very helpful, and my grandchildren send me photos of themselves too. I don’t get to see them so often but it is so good to be able to hear their voices as well – you would think they were here with me.”

Keeping in Touch

Lilian lives in a retirement community in Sydney, while Jason lives with his own family in Brisbane.

“We’ve started to use the MePACS Touch app more than our phones to call mum – the screen is easier for her to use and means we can actually have a chat more often.”

“It’s simple, intuitive, and a great way to keep our connection to her.”

The MePACS Touch has been designed to help Lilian keep in contact with her family.

“I don’t even use the normal telephone much anymore. I just go ‘tap tap tap’ and I can call my family just like that. I know it inside out and outside in – it would be 10 out of 10 for being easy to use. The whole MePACS service is just so good for me.”

Jason agrees that the “ease and simplicity” of the MePACS Touch screen and app has helped Lilian contact them more often.

“The MePACS Touch has been so easy for mum to use; I think it has really helped her to be more tech-savvy. It puts her on a similar level with our other grandparents who use their smart phones to video call us.”

“We love it, it’s brought everyone closer together.”

Features for fun and safety

The MePACS Touch isn’t just a personal alarm in tablet form – you can listen to the radio, view news updates and set reminders for medications or upcoming events.

“It has the features that mum would use all the time, rather than ones that can be confusing for her. She likes that she can listen to her favourite music and programs via the radio feature and see what her grandkids are up to.:

“The fact that we can send photos to the device through the app is a wonderful feature, it’s quite advantageous and keeps mum up-to-date with our lives.”

Lilian is “fit as a fiddle” for her age. She loves to be sociable and is often attending activities in her local community.

Jason agrees that keeping up with her active lifestyle has certainly become an easier task with the Touch tablet, and they even organise ‘pizza parties’ so Lilian can have fun with her grandkids.

“The calendar feature is great, so we can schedule a time to talk to mum that fits into her daily routine and social activities. We’ve used it to organise a reminder for mum to order pizza so she can share dinner with us.”

“The ease-of-use and simplicity of design would make it a great choice for seniors like mum, who have a little bit of knowledge about technology and want to talk to their families face-to-face but have trouble with using a smart phone.”

Thanks to the MePACS Touch, Lilian has also regained contact with long-time friends in Brisbane and can now video call them whenever she likes.

“It was so nice to get in touch with them again. I’ve known them for years and years, but I haven’t been able to see them in person because we are in different states. When I called them with the MePACS Touch, it was just like yesterday. We had so much to catch up on.”

For more information on the MePACS Touch tablet, call our friendly team on 1800 685 329 or visit the MePACS Touch page.