“It’s a good feeling to know MePACS is there to help” - Beryl


21 Mar 20

“It’s a good feeling to know MePACS is there to help” – Beryl

MePACS Team | Clients , Testimonials

Our lovely client Beryl is 91 and lives independently in the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Being very active in the community means Beryl opted for both the home and mobile alarm, so that should would be safe both at home and while out and about.

Beryl’s family doesn’t live very close, so it’s reassuring for her to know that if she’s injured while out, she can get the help she needs. “It gives me and my family a nice, peaceful feeling”, she says.

Falls are the most common cause of injury for people over 65, and unfortunately, Beryl experienced this firsthand in her own backyard.

“One day, I slipped in the garden and fell against a bush, which pushed me onto the path. I knew I was okay, but it was hard to get back up due to the slope. I had to push myself along the path on my elbows until I reached the fence, which helped me stand up,” she explained.

Luckily, Beryl didn’t break anything or was badly hurt, but that incident made her reconsider potential risks to her safety. “I got the MePACS alarm just in case I fall again and can’t get up”, said Beryl.

Living alone on a large property, Beryl values the safety net that MePACS provides, especially when her neighbours aren’t available to help.

“I live by myself on a big block of land so I can’t shout to my neighbours because they are too far away. But the MePACS response team can contact them on my behalf, and it’s good to have that security.”

Beryl recommends MePACS to her friends and neighbours in the area, so they too can be reassured that if anything happens, they can quickly get the help they need just by pressing a button.

Beryl explains, “What if something happens and your neighbours are not home, or you can’t reach the phone? With my MePACS alarm, I just press the button once and MePACS responds really quickly. It’s all very efficient and secure. The response team is very kind and patient, and they never mind if I press it accidentally.”

Beryl leads a busy and active life so takes her Mobile Alarm wherever she goes. She volunteers at the Emerald Museum twice a week and goes to church and the U3A. She has a wealth of knowledge and enjoys telling visitors stories about the local area, Nobelius Heritage Park, and the early settlers in Emerald who grew fruit plantations in the late 1800s. She also helps locals find interesting informations about their property by digging into the archives.

Beryl’s family and friends are also very pleased with the MePACS service. One of her daughters is a geriatric nurse who keeps a watchful eye on her. She thinks MePACS is a great service for seniors and likes that I can live on my own and still feel safe.

“It’s a good feeling to know help is there when I need it”, says Beryl with a smile.

Like Beryl, you can live independently in their own home with the help of MePACS. For more information call 1800 685 329 or Join Now