23 Mar 20

COVID 19 Update: How local supermarkets can help

MePACS Team | Health & Wellbeing

In this current situation, basic tasks such as food shopping can be difficult for seniors, people living with disabilities and those with compromised immune systems. Our local supermarkets are happy to help, by offering extra support in the form of:


  • A Community Hour between 7am and 8am to improve access to essential groceries for those with a Government concession card
  • Woolworths will also offer a Priority Assistance service with dedicated delivery windows. You can fill in a form here and be assessed for eligibility
  • Coles will donate additional food and household goods every week to charity partners Foodbank and Soundbite. Foodbank does not supply to the general public, but provides food and grocery relief to 2,400 charity agencies across Australia
  • Woolworths will soon offer care packages of essential supplies to those who cannot get to the store. Seniors or people with disabilities just have to show their concession card

Please be assured that MePACS continues to be there for you 24/7, but only press your alarm if you have a medical emergency.

If you need food/supplies, please call Coles on 1800 455 400 or Woolworths on 1300 767 969.