11 Feb 22

“I would recommend MePACS without hesitation.” – David

MePACS Team | Carers , Testimonials

David and his mum lived together on the same property in regional Victoria.

As her carer, David wanted to make sure his mum had the best support possible to remain living independently, especially when it came to her personal safety.

“We lived in separate residences and she was often home alone. There was a time when mum had a fall and she had to drag herself to the phone to call for help – that was the motivation to find a monitored personal alarm service.”

“Mum was getting less and less mobile due to bad arthritis. She was prone to falls as well, and before she got a MePACS personal alarm, I used to leave bells in each room so she could ring them if she fell and couldn’t get up. It was the best decision to get a personal alarm for her safety at home, so that she could signal for help with a device that was never out of reach.”

David says once she got a MePACS Home Alarm, they could rely on our 24/7 emergency response team and go about their day without worry.

“I was called by MePACS to help mum up from a fall a few times, and it was such a relief to know the response team were guaranteed to answer at any time.”

“Relieved, confident and secure – those are the three words I would use to describe how mum and I felt knowing that MePACS was there to help her 24/7. It meant I could relax in knowing the response team was looking out for her.”

“I would recommend MePACS without hesitation. I did so only the other day, to a friend of mine who takes blood thinning medication. He works alone in his shed and even the slightest cut could mean a medical emergency. I said he should have a personal alarm in case anything were to happen.”

MePACS is a 24/7 fast response personal alarm service responded to by real people, based in Australia. Like David and his mum, many clients have benefited from our personalised duty of care.

“I was just impressed by the MePACS service overall. The fact that the personal alarm pendant could be worn on your person was great – mum could be in any room of the house, and it would connect to the home base unit. And the staff were always friendly but efficient with calling for help on her behalf.”

“It works completely independent of a landline phone too. I thought that was really good and helpful.”

For more information, call 1800 685 329 or visit our official Home Alarm page.