26 Jul 21

“I’m safe and secure with MePACS.” – Kathe 

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Many seniors across Australia value their independence and want to stay in their own home as long as possible, with the time to enjoy their hobbies, visit friends and family and still be an active participant of their local community. 

Our client Kathe is an artist and spends most of her time painting creative landscapes and characters in vibrant colours.  

She joined the MePACS service on the recommendation of a friend a few years ago, and knew it was the right time to have a personal alarm while she still lived confidently in her own home. 

“I think the MePACS service is fantastic. It’s so good that I just have to press the button on the alarm when I have a fall or feel unwell and someone is there to help every time, no matter what time of the day or night it is.” 

“I’ve had two falls and the ambulance was here within 10 minutes. Whenever you press your alarm, MePACS answers very quickly and you know you are in safe hands. Now I recommend MePACS to anybody because I feel more secure at home.” 

mepacs home and mobile unitMePACS Home Alarm or Mobile Alarm not only provides our clients with the peace of mind they deserve from a 24/7 emergency response service, but is an essential safety device especially if you are prone to medical emergencies. 

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Kathe unfortunately experienced a fall about six months ago, and she tells us how helpful MePACS was in providing support and calling for help on her behalf. 

“I had a loose carpet on my tiled floor which I tripped on and fell over. And once I am on the floor, I can’t get up by myself, so I pressed the MePACS alarm on my wrist and the response team answered almost straight away, asking if I needed help. I certainly did!” 

“MePACS called Triple Zero for me and if I’d have had to call them myself, there is no way the paramedics would have arrived so quickly. This was about six months ago, and I am still suffering now so I always have my walker and my MePACS alarm with me.” 

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Kathe appreciates that MePACS also offer a welfare check for seniors in the form of our ‘daily call service’, where our clients press their alarm unit between 6am and 11am every day to let us know they are up and about. 

“I just press the call button on the speaker unit every morning to let MePACS know I am okay and ready to start the day. If I forget, then they send me a text or call me to check up on me. When you live alone and don’t want to bother your family all the time, it’s just a simple thing to do for peace of mind.” 

Kathe has been an artist for most of her life and loves to be imaginative. With a fully monitored, fast response personal alarm service like MePACS, she can always focus on her talents without worrying about her safety at home. 

“MePACS also helps me feel confident to live alone because I really value my independence. My family are glad to know that I feel reassured at home. They know I’m safe and secure with MePACS.” 

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