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08 Nov 21

MePACS – A Top Choice For Home Care Providers

MePACS Team | Home Care Package

MePACS is one of the leading providers in Australia for personal alarms. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product, excellent customer service and looking after the welfare of our clients.

Our collaboration with Home Care Providers across Australia ensures our clients can access our service through their home care funding, which assists many seniors to live the independent and active lifestyle they deserve.

We wanted to share some great feedback collected from a recent survey, demonstrating our commitment and support of the home care sector.

82% of Home Care Providers surveyed recommend MePACS to their clients

Top 3 reasons why Home Care Providers recommend MePACS

  • Service Quality
  • Reliability
  • Ease of doing business

Many Home Care Providers appreciate our responsive and innovative service. Our team work together with Home Care Providers and their clients to personally ensure the best outcome is achieved for all clients.

Our personal alarm products and 24/7 monitoring service also provide a great sense of security for clients and carers alike.

Clients like Val and Emmy have also used their home care funding to purchase the new MePACS Solo, a personal alarm on the Samsung Galaxy watch.

With unbeatable peace of mind, the watch is packed with features including falls detection, heart rate and steps monitoring and GPS technology. It is fully water-resistant and can even tell the time.

The MePACS Solo Watch is ideal for seniors and supports an independent and active lifestyle with the peace of mind that if you need help, guaranteed assistance is on hand.

Find out more about the MePACS Solo Watch or call 1800 685 329.


“I find your service fantastic. The ease of referral is great online, efficient service and customer service representatives will follow up directly with our clients and carers to arrange set up of alarm unit so quickly. Everyone is happy with the MEPACS service.”


“I believe MePACS offer an extremely good product and are keeping up with the changes in society and adapting to other products. The staff we deal with are professional and prompt with their response to any request.”


“Overall, I believe MEPACS is the best alarm service provider. If we have any issues, MEPACS work with us to find a resolution.”


MePACS is an innovator in the personal alarm industry and we will continue to offer personal alarms to suit different needs and keep up with the changing demands. Our new products are always designed with our clients in mind.

Your clients are safer with a MePACS personal alarm. Find out more about our service at our official page for Home Care Providers.


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