21 Oct 19

Personal Alarms: Giving a carer greater peace of mind.

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The MePACS Personal Alarm systems has been designed to provide a high level of care when adult caregivers cannot be physically around all the time, offering an alarm button system that can be easily used by elderly individuals to send out an alert when they need urgent assistance.

With just a single press of the button the MePACS Personal Alarm system connects the user to trained emergency response operators that can identify the help required and call 000 or a carer.

MePACS Personal Alarms not only give peace of mind and confidence to the user but also gives reassurance to family members knowing that if their loved one need help quickly help is available from real people at the press of one button away.


Valerie and her family feel more secure that her 93 year old mum Ema has the MePACS 24/7 response service


Valerie’s mum Ema is 92 years of age and lives with her and her husband in Melbourne.

My mum is prone to falls and also has Asthma and Arthritis, so we decided she needed to have some added security in place for those times when we’re not at home.

We decided on the MePACS alarm service because knowing there are friendly people there to respond to mum within 2 minutes gave us both peace of mind and reassurance.

“We all feel more secure now that mum has the alarm. Thankfully Mum hasn’t had to use the alarm yet, but having the MePACS service just in case she needs helps gives us real great peace of mind.

Thank you once again MePACS – you deserve 10 stars!” – Valerie.

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Valerie & Ema both feel greater peace of mind now Ema has the security of a MePACS Personal Alarm


Philip and his family now feel at ease knowing that immediate assistance is available if they need emergency help


Philip’s elderly parents Kevin & Esma are in their 90’s and live independently in their own home. They took up the home & mobile MePACS service in May 2018 as they “wanted the security of knowing that they had an alarm on them that could be used instantly in the case of an emergency”. They were also attracted to the MePACS service as assistance was available for them anytime day or night and they liked the simplicity of help being only a press of a button away.
Esma had to press her MePACS alarm in an emergency situation. She had fallen over and Kevin wasn’t physically able to help Esma off the ground. Kevin pressed his MePACS pendent and the MePACS response monitor quickly responded and arranged an ambulance to attend to Esma. The paramedics helped Esma off the floor and assessed her before giving her the clearance to remain at home.

Philip says that he his family members “now feel easier knowing that because (his) mum and dad have the alarms on them, immediate assistance can be sought even if in their time of need, they can’t contact another family member.’
Philip says he would definitely recommend the MePACS alarm service to others with elderly parents as they are so confident the system works and they feel peace of mind knowing that his parents are ‘no longer alone’.


Sandy’s family find the MePACS service very reassuring, knowing if she’s falls MePACS will answer.


Sandy is 55 years of age and uses her NDIS funding to help live independently in her own home in Melbourne. Sandy has a Pacemaker as well as muscular dystrophy, so her mobility is limited and she’s prone to falls.

“My family and I find the MePACS service very reassuring, knowing if I fall you will answer.”

Brenda Sandy’s sister, also says that she feels great reassurance now Sandy has the MePACS alarm, “It’s less responsibility on me and I don’t have to worry as much. I know that if she falls she has security the MePACS alarm and she will be looked after – I am definitely a lot calmer now.

Sandy wearing mobile personal alarm

Sandy and her sister Brenda



Libbie’s family work during the week and live far away.


Libbie is 73 years of age and lives by herself at home in Melbourne. She had a heart attack at the age of 63 and takes a number of medications.

Libbie has great confidence in the MePACS alarm service. “It’s a fantastic service. I’m a heart patient and I live alone, my daughter and granddaughters work during the week and they live far away. I don’t want to worry my family and having the MePACS service gives us all reassurance and peace of mind that if I need help, all I need to do is press my MePACS Alarm and you will answer quickly.

mepacs elderly personal panic alarm testimonial

Libbie and her beloved dog



Ern & Mae’s family needed reassurance they were safe in their own home


In September 2018, Ern and Mae joined the MePACS Home and Mobile alarm service as they knew they needed some extra support around the home and also when they were out and about.

“Our family needed reassurance and peace of mind that we were safe in our own home as well as when we go out – that’s when we decided the MePACS Personal Alarm was the right support for us.

MePACS takes the stress out of us. We are all so relieved to have the extra support and reassurance and it means our youngest daughter who lives 10 minutes away doesn’t need to worry as much. Having the MePACS service is peace of mind for both us and our family.

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Mae and Ern “would recommend MePACS to anyone.”


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