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05 May 23

SA Ambulance to close Call Direct personal alarm service

MePACS Team | News & Updates

SA Ambulance has recently announced they will be closing down their Call Direct personal alarm service. The closure is due to the decommissioning of the 3G network by Telstra.

We understand that many Call Direct customers will be asking, what do I do now? MePACS is available to support affected Call Direct customers with choosing a new personal alarm service before Call Direct is closed down. To help with the process, our Sales team are available on 1800 685 329 or live chat with us during business hours to discuss your options.

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Step 1: Consider your funding options

  • MePacs is an approved provider of personal alarms through the Personal AlertSA scheme, funded by the South Australian Government. Some Call Direct clients may be eligible for a funded service through this program. Our Home Alarm is fully-covered by the program. Visit PASA for more information on how to apply.
  • MePACS is also a Home Care Package and NDIS approved provider for personal alarms. If you have funding through either of the federal programs, speak to your case manager or support coordinator about using your funding for a MePACS personal alarm.
  • MePACS can also be funded privately.

Step 2: Choose your preferred alarm

MePACS have three 4G alarm options available as well as a range of accessories to support their use. Our range of 4G alarms all connect to our professional 24/7 monitoring team based here in Australia.

  • Home Alarm – using a base unit and fully-waterproof pendant (similar to your Call Direct alarm) that you wear for around the home and garden.
  • Mobile Alarm – a compact wearable alarm that you wear when out and about, includes fall detection and GPS
  • Solo Connect watch – a Samaung Galaxy watch that has been customised to connect to MePACS at the touch of a button, for use at home and when out and about

Step 3: Apply

How you are funding your alarm, will determine how to best apply.

  • If you have approved PASA funding, please apply by calling 1800 685 329 or go to our website to complete an online application.
  • If you are using your HCP or NDIS funding, your Case Manager or Support Coordinator can complete the application online.
  • For privately funded applications, please call our sales team on 1800 685 329 or complete an online application here.

As the 3G network is already being gradually switched off, now is the time to upgrade your alarm to a MePACS 4G alarm. Don’t wait until the June deadline, as the 3G network may be switched off in your area before then. We have a reliable network of technicians ready to install your new MePACS 4G alarm.

MePACS is a division of Peninsula Health, a trusted public healthcare provider so you know your care is our priority. To join the MePACS family, contact us today on 1800 685 329.

Meet some of our SA personal alarm clients

Margaret & Tom

“I recommend getting a MePACS alarm to seniors like myself. Late last year, before I had my MePACS alarm, I had a fall in the garden where I tripped over a hose and I just couldn’t get up,” said Margaret.

“My husband didn’t know I was out there and I would say I was lying on the ground for what felt like an hour or two because no one could hear me calling for help.

Wanting to continue to live independently in regional South Australia, her husband Tom recalls that was the moment they knew they had to prioritise their safety even more.

“After Margaret’s fall, we contacted our local senior group who recommended the Personal Alert SA scheme for a funded, fully-monitored personal alarm.”

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“I’ve had a couple of falls before, and my family said I should start doing something about my safety. They were worried about me going out by myself all the time, especially when I could be prone to a medical emergency.”

Leo was in hospital when he found out about MePACS, and knew that a Solo watch best suited his lifestyle.

“I wanted a smart watch with automatic fall detection and GPS technology – something that I could wear on my wrist while I’m out but you wouldn’t normally think it was a personal alarm.”

“I think MePACS is fantastic. It gives me peace of mind that the response team are guaranteed to answer no matter what time it is. Now I can do the things I love without worrying about my safety or how to call for help in a medical emergency anymore.”

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