19 Jun 22

Caring for a person with a disability? How a personal alarm device can support their safety

Alayna Hansen | NDIS/Disability

People living with a disability across Australia, and their carers alike, deserve the ultimate peace of mind in knowing that their safety is prioritised by a personal alarm service.

And when it comes to unexpected medical emergencies related to a disability, it’s certainly important to guarantee personalised and timely help when you need it most. So how can a personal alarm device support people with a disability to feel safer, and reassure carers that their loved one can access essential medical assistance?

As a provider of personal alarms in Australia for over 30 years, MePACS supports thousands of clients with a disability to feel safe and secure at home and away – and for their families and carers, it’s a 24/7 monitored service they know they can rely on to look out for their loved one’s welfare.


How can a personal alarm device assist carers of people with a disability?

Personal alarms are small, wearable safety devices that can be activated by a single press in the event of a medical emergency; sending a signal for help to a family member or response centre to alert of a fall, illness or medical episode associated with existing health conditions.

A personal alarm device can help carers of people with a disability by providing their loved one with a quick and simple way to signal for help and receive appropriate care. Whether they need comfort from someone they know at home or medical attention, the ability to triage each situation is essential for determining the right help at the right time.

Depending on the type of disability someone may have, a 24/7 personal alarm service can also provide some relief to overnight disability carers as it can reduce the need for constant vigilance.

And as a monitored response centre based in Australia, we keep medical details on file which can be relayed to an ambulance response centre in an emergency, prioritising the call and reducing the time it takes for paramedics to arrive and respond with professional medical care.

Clients like Leon, Theresa, and Jess and  have all relied on the MePACS personal alarm service to help them keep safe and independent.

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Personal Alarm Devices funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

MePACS is an approved NDIS provider, with a range of personal alarms to suit various disabilities and lifestyles.

MePACS Home and Mobile bundles are a popular choice for many of our clients with a disability, so they can feel safe and secure at home and away.

Along with 4G and GPS location technology, our Mobile Alarm has automatic fall detection to ensure a signal for help is sent to MePACS in the event of a dramatic fall.

The new MePACS Solo Watch works within the home, local community and practically anywhere in Australia with good mobile reception. With two-way communication through the watch, the wearer can tell the MePACS response team what has happened, allowing the operator to assess the situation and organise the most appropriate help at that time.

The MePACS Solo Watch allows the wearer to feel safe and secure by themselves, and with GPS technology, automatic falls detection and health metrics, it gives them the confidence to get on with their day and not have to worry about what they would do in a medical emergency.

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Personal Alarm Device Accessories and Mobility Aids

With accessories or aids available to help those with dexterity, vision, touch or mobility issues, MePACS personal alarm devices can be tailored towards diverse disability needs and lifestyles.

This also ensures the NDIS alarm is comfortable to wear for as long as possible and easy to activate. For those who are prone to falls or have balance issues, a falls detector pendant is beneficial as it can detect a dramatic fall and automatically send a signal for help to the MePACS 24/7 response team.

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Applying for a MePACS disability alarm through the NDIS

NDIS funding for a MePACS personal alarm device is available in both Core Support and Capital Support categories, under Assistive Technology.

The following codes should be used when allocating the funding from on the NDIA register:

Core Supports – Item Number 03_131_0103_1_1

Capital Supports – Item Number 05_222718261_0103_1_2

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