23 Aug 21

Why should seniors in North and West Melbourne have a personal panic alarm? 

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In Victoria, home care packages allow many seniors to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.  

Government funding offered through a home care package helps to afford general cleaning and cooking, home maintenance and medical care, but personal panic alarms used to signal for help can also be included to prioritise senior safety. 

Are you a senior living in north or west Melbourne? Do you have a personal panic alarm covered in your home care package? Have the peace of mind you deserve with a MePACS personal alarm to keep you safe at home and out and about. 

MePACS is a leading provider of personal panic alarms in Melbourne, across Victoria and around Australia. We’ve put together some helpful information for seniors on what to look out for in a personal alarm below. 

What is a personal panic alarm system?

A personal panic alarm, also known as a medical alarm, emergency call button or personal response system, is used to signal for help in the event of a medical emergency or fall. The best personal panic alarms available are those monitored by a response service, so you know that a real person is guaranteed to answer and check on your well-being. 

How does a personal panic alarm for elderly work?

Help is only one press of a button away with a fully monitored, 24/7 fast response personal alarm service like MePACS.  

Whether you need help from a family member or ambulance, signalling for help with one of our personal panic alarms ensures a trained professional from our response team answers within 2 minutes, assesses the situation and calls the most necessary help on your behalf. 

As a personalised and efficient alarm service, MePACS can guarantee that a real person is looking out for your safety and well-being 24/7.   

Is a personal panic alarm available for home care clients in Essendon, Flemington, Brunswick or Bundoora, VIC?

A MePACS personal panic alarm is available for Home Care Providers to order in Melbourne, Victoria, including the north and west suburbs.  

Suburbs in north Melbourne include Ascot Vale, Brunswick, Bundoora, Coburg, Epping, Hume, Ivanhoe, Moonee Ponds, Northcote and Tullamarine. If you’re from west Melbourne, you might live in Essendon, Flemington, Footscray, Melton, Sunshine, Werribee, Williamstown and Yarraville. 

We have technicians who can provide a professional installation of our personal alarms, however this is subject to change due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are also able to offer self-installations so it is best to speak with our sales team on 1800 685 329 to be aware of the current situation.   

As a national personal alarm provider, MePACS medical alarms are also available in every state and territory in Australia. 

Why Do Home Care Providers Choose MePACS? 

What should Victorian seniors with a Home Care Package look out for in a personal panic alarm?

The best personal panic alarm is the one that suits your health condition or senior lifestyle. But there are some features that are particularly helpful for ease-of-use and security: 

  • Quick and simple one-button activation  
  • Two-way communication with client  
  • GPS location technology  
  • Waterproof/splashproof   
  • Falls detection with automatic activation to MePACS response team 

MePACS Personal Alarms in north and west Melbourne

mepacs home and mobile unitPersonal alarms should be lightweight, discreet and easy to press quickly. In a medical emergency such as a fall, wearing this safety device on your person means it is convenient to reach; reducing the time it takes for a monitored response service to answer and send for the right help fast. 

Ideal for home care clients who may be prone to falls, recovering from surgery or frequently feel unwell due to an ongoing medical condition, a MePACS Home and Mobile Alarm Bundle provides the safety and security seniors need at home and away. 

The MePACS Mobile Alarm is also a personal panic alarm with GPS and automatic fall detection and is great to use when out and about.  

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 How to include a personal panic alarm in a Home Care Package for a north or west Melbourne senior?

A government funded personal panic alarm can be purchased through home care funding under ‘Assistive Technology’, as well as through the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

Your Home Care Provider can order through our dedicated HCP form at the link below or call our team on 1800 685 329.

Apply For MePACS Through Home Care Funding

A MePACS Personal Alarm included in a Home Care Package can make all the difference for a senior client in north or west Melbourne. For more information on MePACS Personal Alarms, call 1800 685 329 or